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being your CFO On Demand

Managed by Claudio Volpe (Founder), Manar Mrad (Head of CV Lebanon), Maud Besnard (Head of CV Switzerland) and Paolo Brillo (Head of CFO on demand dpt), our company has extensive cumulative experience in the following fields:

  • High Tech
  • Industry & Trading
  • Auditing
  • Restaurant & Hotel Business
  • Cosmetics Firms
  • Public Administration
  • Transport
  • Associations
  • Foundations.

The CV Consulting team is made up of chartered experts in finance and controlling, tax advice, international standards and management, trained to work as a team and as a network, whether on site or elsewhere, on complex issues and in several languages.

Our strength resides in supporting our clients, offering relevant and effective solutions on sensitive issues, acting by proxy, being your discreet and reliable trusted partner, delivering relevant information at the appropriate time and efficiently assisting our clients to enable them to focus on developing their business.

Our cumulative experience allows us to advise our clients regardless of the issues at hand, to anticipate and to take action to ensure that their business is financially sound and in line with legal requirements, whatever their field of activity or company structure.